Our Vision

We grow better food locally and sustainably

—while providing added value across your supply chain by growing in a network of local communities to provide stores with a dedicated production of produce that is pesticide / herbicide free, non-GMO, safe from food contamination and grown using environmentally responsible, sustainable practices.

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Our Advantage

From grocery retailers to food service

—and hospitality buyers, a reliable, trustworthy and safe supply is essential to delivering a consistent customer experience that doesn’t impact the bottom line. We provide a consistent high-quality source of local produce at a reasonable and predictable cost. At the same time, you enhance your corporate image by sourcing and selling delicious, locally-grown produce that reduces the environmental impact.

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Sustainability is fundamental to our business

—reflected in the way we grow, our people & culture, our business practices, and how we support communities. Building a sustainable food-supply solution is a driving force behind Local Leaf Farms, and it is the reason why we have selected a hyper-local, vertical farming approach.

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Using proprietary, cutting-edge blockchain technology

—and a mobile app, we've created a system that allows consumers to trace their produce, in store or at home, from seed to shelf, allowing them to know exactly where and how their food was grown.

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Our Brand

My Local Leaf Logo

Market fresh, year-round

—Our produce can be found in grocery stores under our My Local Leaf brand. Being grown in communities across the country, My Local Leaf produce offers consumers superior freshness and nutrition, landing on shelves only a few hours after it is harvested in 100% plastic free, compostable packaging. Being market fresh, year-round, My Local Leaf is focused on quality and sustainability, grown close to home.

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Featured News

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Barrie vertical farming facility wants to change the way food is produced, distributed